Adding Site Logo not working properly

During some tests in my project I have encountered some strange behavior when adding a site logo using Site Settings. This blog post describes 2 issues and what caused them.

Missing Link From SharePoint

The first issue I noticed was the missing link From SharePoint. You can use this option to select an existing image in your site collection.

By default SharePoint offers this:

Site Logo Settings Correct

After creating my site, I got this.

Site Logo Settings Wrong

The link From SharePoint is missing.

For creating the site I used a custom web template. I compared it with the default site template I noticed some features were missing in my web template. One of them was the Assets Library feature… I added that feature and voila.

<!– Assets Library –>
<Feature ID=”4bcccd62-dcaf-46dc-a7d4-e38277ef33f4″ />

It solved my issue.


Link From Computer Not Working

The second issue is that the link From Computer seemed to work just fine, but not entirely. This option you can use to select an image from your computer and SharePoint will upload that image to the Site Assets library and sets the URL in the site logo textbox. This last step didn’t occur. To ensure that I did not accidently clicked Cancel, I did one more time. Yep, same result, no URL.

This is what I expected:


This is what I got as a result:

Site Logo Settings Correct

While analyzing the process, the image I selected was uploaded to the Site Assets library. Then I checked this library and the project code, if any customization was done. I noticed that a custom Document content type was added to this library and that the default one (Document) was removed. I added the default Document content type back to the library and that was the solution!

So, the Document content type is a MUST HAVE in the Site Assets library in order to have Site Logo Settings work properly. I did some more testing:

  • Can I hide the Document content type then? No, it does break it all as well
  • Can I set my custom Content Type as default then? Yes, not a problem.


There it is. Two Site Logo Setting issues solved. I can tell you now: do not mess with basic SharePoint functionality and check-double-check all the features you need and that SharePoint activates by default.