Crap. I broke my blog site.

Today I unfortunately broke my blog. I was updating my theme to a more responsive one and matching the Mavention colors somewhat and after that update, all I got was a HTTP 500 error. My blog did not came up. I was unable to debug and repair that, so I thought it would be quicker to nuke-it-all-and-start-over-again. So, I made some backups of all my articles and database and thought I was safe. Reinstalled WordPress, connected to my database again and then I saw my articles back again. But… all my images were missing. Crap. Forgot one thing to backup: the content upload folder. AAAAARRGGHHHH… How could I have missed that one! I am still grumpy about that.

All I can do now is recreate all the images and putting them back at the same location and same filename.

Sorry, to keep you waiting, but this will take a long time. Lesson learned.