SharePoint Conference 2011 – Day 2

Second day. Gonna be a long day with great sessions. This morning I already attended 2 sessions: Hit The Ground Running Claims Authentication with SharePoint 2010 by Steve Peschka and after that Best Practices Around SharePoint 2010 User Profiles by Scott Jamison.

The Claims session was tough. I was out of my comfort zone, so I could hardly follow Steve. Yeah, I know the concept/basics of claims, I know what ADFS stands for, but I never set it up myself. Yet. He had a lot of slides about what he was going to do and little demo’s. Too bad. Think I would hit the ground earlier if more stuff was demoed. Good to know, that the People Picker resolves all input. So if you have 4 claim types, then the people picker will come up with 4 results. The workaround for this is to write your own claims provider.

The second session was about best practices around user profiles. I did this many times and I can allmost dream the actions to take. Scott is an excellent speaker and the session was awesome. The content was familiar to me, but I didn’t care. Scott dared the audience to demo User Profile Synchronization. He randomly picked one person…. Spencer Harbar! You know now, that the demo couldn’t go wrong.

Spencer mention the “stuck on starting” issue and named 3 reasons why:

  • Farm Administrator is not Local Administrator prior to provisioning
  • Farm Adminitrator has no Logon Locally rights
  • The password for the Farm Administrator given when starting the UP Sync Service is wrong. Although it verifies if both password entered are the same, but the credentials are NOT validated.

Just had a great lunch and have met new people: Bas Lijten (Achmea) and Marc D. Anderson (Developer of the jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services (SPServices))

So, my next session about HTML5 and jQuery is about to start. Laterzzz