SharePoint Conference 2011 – Day 1 (continued)

What a first day! After my post yesterday I have attended Planning and Managing Sandbox Solutions and Services by Maurice Prather. Man, what a deep dive session it was. I had troubles making notes and at the same understand what he was saying. I needed to pay attention really closely. One thing is clear, the default settings are killing you. The Sandbox Code Service is by default configured to 1 worker process and 1 connection per process. This means only 1 user at a time can use the sandbox solution. Shocking!


For more detailed info about this session, read this blog post by Ernst Wolthaus

I really enjoyed this session and the info was really good.

The last session I attended was a development session, level 400. At last! Smile It was all about Developing and Extending ECM feaures by Paul Swider. His agenda showed several subjects that comes with ECM, such as libraries and lists, Document Management, Taxonomy Object Model and Workflow Object Model. Cool.

Then he started with Document Management and especially the Document ID and how to extend it. He started with a OOB Document Center site and saved it as a template. He explained that this would result in a WSP and that you can import it in Visual Studio 2010 and that’s your start having all artifacts, the features you can extend etc… Excuse me? Why would I as a dev go this way? Come on, this it not level 400 worthy. At least, use webtemplates, you know this is the way to go with SP2010. He took almost 90% of the time spending on DocumentIdProvider. Saw some bad code as well. You cannot delete a content type from a list first and then add your custom one. An exception can be expected when you have just one content type. Sigh…

Time to party then. After a drink, we went to Morton’s Steak House. Man, what great steaks they have! If you can, you should go there definitely!