Completed beta exam 71-667 SharePoint 2010 Configuring

Today I completed the beta version of exam 71-667 TS: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, Configuring. The exam had 70 questions and it looked very much the same as the usual exams. Since I am a developer I was curious if I could take this exam with very little preparation. So what were my preparations? Mainly 3 things:

  • playing a lot with the beta version and the RTM lately
  • SharePoint Server 2010 Ignite training for Implementers
  • Reading lots of specific blogs about the item I was playing with

The exam had many questions about user policies, user permissions and web application management. Also, I had some questions about backup and restore, upgrading and service applications.

Some questions were easy, some I had to guess after excluding the 2 very wrong answers. Now I have to wait 8 weeks for my score. Advantage is I can go on holiday happily! 🙂 ha ha


3 thoughts on “Completed beta exam 71-667 SharePoint 2010 Configuring

  1. wael

    Am afraid that i can’t pass this exam also because there are no questions and exams like test king to read before !

    so i would like to ask you if i can read SharePoint exam 2007 before 2010 exam is this better for me or its something different ??

    1. octavievanhaaften

      I advise you not to use the 2007 exam as your preparation for the 2010 exam. SharePoint 2010 has fundamental changes, e.g. Service Applications. Just install and work with SharePoint 2010 to get to know the product and its capabilities, buy some books ( I’m reading Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration by Todd Klindt, Shane Young and Steve Caravajal). The way the exam is taken, is pretty much the same as usual.

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