SharePoint 2010 on Windows7 ?

One of the greatest features announced at the SPC09 was SharePoint 2010 runs on Windows7 and Vista SP1 as long as it is 64-bits. For developers, this is great. So, a few weeks ago I took the challenge to see this for myself and created a Windows7 x64 VHD. Then I read this post to see what prerequisites I needed and what steps to take. I installed all the necessary prerequisites and then I extracted the en_office_sharepoint_foundation_server_2010_beta_x64_456151.exe. Before running Setup, I modified the config.xml so SharePoint 2010 can be installed on clients, such as Windows7. The installation went smoothly until… the Configuration Wizard executed. At Step 8 (Creating Sample Data) I received this message:


And I was not the only one. On Twitter it was said that a hotfix for WCF was needed. I had to wait a few days before it was available here. After the hotfix was installed the Configuration Wizard finished properly. So, SharePoint 2010 Foundation is running.

Next step was to install SharePoint 2010 Server.

I performed the same process: Checked all the prerequisites, extracted the en_office_sharepoint_server_2010_beta_x64_x16-19249.exe, modified the config.xml and ran setup.exe. The installation went smoothly until… the Configuration Wizard executed. Again at Step 8 (Creating Sample Data) I got stuck. Huh? Isn’t this the same message? I thought I had that fixed? After trying several times, giving it a rest for a few days, then bing’ed a lot: I ran into this blog post. I installed the SQLServer2008-KB976761-x64.exe again before running the Configuration Wizard and YES! I passed step 8.

Now I got stuck at step 10: Upgrading SharePoint Products. I am staring at the 10% completion for more then an hour now. I give up.

Uninstalled SharePoint 2010 Server and I will be playing with just the Foundation.


3 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010 on Windows7 ?

  1. William van Strien

    Hi Octavie,

    I used the Christmast holiday to set up a SP2010 evaluation environment. I actually applied Sun Virtualbox as virtual host, since it does have native 64-bits OS support. It lasted some (nightly) hours (first installing Windows7; then SP2010 + all prerequisites; and completed with VS2010 beta), but now I have a working SP2010 environment.
    On my laptop with only 2 GB RAM it is not very performant – MOSS 2007 in VPC or VMWare exhibits much better application performance. I’m not clear yet whether this is due Virtualbox, W7, SP2010 or the combination. Guess I just have to upgrade my hardware (at least the memory 🙂 )

    Regards, William.

    1. octavievanhaaften

      Hey William,

      If you already have Windows7 or Windows Server 2008 you can install these same OS’es directly in a VHD you can boot from. Then you can use 64-bits! No need for Sun virtualbox. 🙂 About performance, I read that SP2010 beta consumes lots of resources, so let’s wait for the next public release first.

      Have fun with your environment. Let me know what you think of SP2010…


      1. William van Strien

        Hi Octavie,

        well, the truth/situation is that I do not yet natively run W7 on my laptop. The reasons for this are a) that there is no upgrade from XP to W7, but you need to do a clean install. This will effectively loose my current environment + tools; and b) a substantial one of that is a local installed SAP NetWeaver development environment + GUI. I don’t yet feel like having to re-install that SAP environment on my local machine.

        Speak you somewhere, William.

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