This page will provide a complete list of downloads as mentioned in all articles.

  • PowerShell scripts for Exporting and Importing Term Sets [Download]
  • PowerShell script for finding active Web Analytics features (SP2010) [Download]
  • SSL: PowerShell script for deploying certificates [Download]
  • SSL: PowerShell script for changing web applications [Download]
  • SSL: PowerShell script for editing IIS Bindings [Download]
  • SSL: PowerShell script for updating services [Download]
  • PowerShell script for uploading files to Azure WebApp [Download]
  • Create Azure AD App Registration: PowerShell script – Part1 [Download]
  • Create Azure AD App Registration: PowerShell script – Part2 [Download]
  • Using ARM templates in a DTAP environment [Download]

7 thoughts on “Assets

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  3. reddy

    any power shell script for giving grant permission after assigning api permissions to the app

  4. Peter Wijntjes

    Nice subjects, your blogs on the Azure App helped me some steps further
    I am interested in your PowerShell Gems page but I get an error message from some firewall ?

    1. Octavie van Haaften Post author

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks! What error message do you get? I did have some issues with my site not being online. Still looking into that…


  5. James Mattern

    Your two articles on creating AAD registrations in PowerShell were great. Have you recently noticed that the have split registration into two parts: AAD and Converged applications.

    In PowerShell, it’s clear on how to publish as AAD only, but the Converged section has me combing the internet, any chance you could publish a script that would register in the Converged section?