New App in Town: Mavention Profile Info

In the last few months I worked on a intranet portal project together with my colleague Albert-Jan Schot (aka Appie). During this project we encountered that SharePoint’s default webpart Profile Info was not sufficient for the customer’s request. Appie wrote a blog post about this. The customer would like to have other user profile properties displayed. Preferably a list of properties that is configurable.

App idea: Mavention Profile Info

An idea was born. Why not build an app for that? So, I created the Mavention Profile Info app.


The Mavention Profile Info contains an app part where the list of properties can be defined. For each property the internal name and display name is provided. For example:

FirstName,First name;LastName,Last name;WorkPhone,Telephone number; SPS-Responsibility, Ask Me About; SPS-HireDate, Hire Date; WebSite, Web site


If the Mavention Profile Info app is placed on the About Me page (person.aspx) in the My Site Host site, the properties of the selected user profile are shown.

Now available in the Office Store!

The Mavention Profile Info app is available in the Office Store now and is totally free of use. Get your copy now!

Once the app is available in your App Catalog, you can add it to any site, but preferably on the My Site Host site. For example:

  • Go to the site content page of the my site host site (E.g.  )
  • Click on the link Add an app
  • Select the Mavention Profile Info app
  • Wait a moment to let SharePoint finish installing the app
  • Go to the About Me page and edit the page
  • Click on the link Add a Web Part in the desired zone.
  • From the category Apps, select the Mavention Profile Info app and click on the button [Add]