SharePoint Conference 2011 – Day 1

So, it has started. This morning was the keynote and the room was packed! Over 7500 attendees are present at the SPC11. Awesome. And no, there isn’t a word about vNext. It’s all about SharePoint 2010 and how succesful it is. Since there a lot of blog posts already about the keynote I won’t re-write all the details, but I leave you with this post by Thomas Sondergaard

After the keynote it was time for coffee (needed it really bad) and the breakout sessions.

Managing LOB data with BCS and Search – Level 300

I had many expectations about this session. I’ve some some BCS solutions and I hoped to learn some more. However, the session was a little bit slow, heard a couple of Oops and in the end it was merely an Overview. Too bad. Didn’t learn a thing actually. One thing was clear: using BCS comes with a lot of security configuration using the Secure Store Service. The presenter Shannon Bray started his session with a couple of slides showing several errors due to security. And during the session he got all these messages while not meant to be…

Have to hurry now. Next session about Managing Sandbox Solutions and Services it about to start. Laterzzzz